Monday, June 27, 2011

Magento Newsletter System

Newsletters are a great way to keep customers informed of sales, new products and other store news. Customers can choose to receive your newsletter when they register for an account on your site or you can manually subscriber customers by visiting the Customer Manage Customers.

To send out newsletters from within your Magento interface, you need to make sure your SMTP Settings (your mail settings) are correct. To review or make changes to your SMTP settings, visit System
Configuration Advanced System.

Newsletter Templates
Before you can send a newsletter to your customers; you’ll need to build a Newsletter Template. Templates contain all required information to send a newsletter to customers. You’ll need to enter Template Name, Template Subject, Sender Name, and Sender email. The Template Content Newsletters can be sent as HTML, so you can paste the contents of the email into this section.

Building a new Newsletter Template, Newsletter Templates must be built before newsletters can be sent to customers.

Once you’ve built a newsletter template, it will be listed under the grid view. To send your newsletter to all current subscribers, you’ll need to select Queue Newsletter from the Actions drop down on the right. You will have to assign a date for the Newsletter to be sent out and you also have the ability to modify the Newsletter Template you built before you send it out.

All Newsletter Templates that have been created will be listed on the overview page.

Newsletter Queue
After a Newsletter has been submitted to the Newsletter Queue it will be shown on the Newsletter Queue page. This page allows you to sort newsletters by status, date, and other options. The Newsletter Queue page is not limited to newsletters that are pending; you can also view newsletters which have been previously sent.
After a newsletter has been sent, the number of processed newsletters should be equal to the number of recipients. If this number is different you’ll need to visit the Newsletter Problem Reports page.

Newsletter Subscribers
The Newsletter Subscribers page provides an overview of all customers that have signed up to receive your newsletters. This page also displays which web site, store, and view the customer is from. You can view and sort customers by the provided fields. The only action that this page provides is the ability to unsubscribe customers in bulk. If you find that a customer is not signed up to receive your newsletter you can visit Customer Manage Customers to add them to the list.

An overview of Newsletter Subscribers

Newsletter Problem Reports
If there are any problems during the newsletter being sent to customers, those problems will be listed on this page. The most common problem is if the newsletter is sent to an email address that doesn’t exist.
This will allow you to remove incorrect email addresses from your records.

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