Monday, September 19, 2011

Importance of meta tags in SEO

Meta tags are tags, which are embedded in the HTML code of a page, You should insert the META tag element at the top of your document, just after the <TITLE> element.

The basic syntax for Meta Tags is:


<TITLE>Your Page Title Goes Here</TITLE>

<META name=”description” content=”type your description here”>

<META name=”keywords” content=”type, your, keywords, keyword phrase here”>


Tips On META Description Tag

<META name="Description" content="Your descriptive sentence goes here.">

  1. Write it in sentence structure.
  2. Should be relevant to the similar 25-30 word (under 150 characters) description of the first text within the visible page.
  3. Do not repeat your keywords more than 3 times in description tag. If you need, make alternatives (e.g. 'prescription' and 'prescriptions' can be used 3 times each).
  4. Minimize the use of "stop words" such as "and, the, of".
  5. Keyword phrases that appear earliest in the Meta description will generally receive higher ranking value.
  6. Try to include this tag in all pages by describing the content and it should be unique.
  7. Don't load your Meta description with only keywords.
  8. Strive for 6%-20% keyword density.
  9. Use different Meta description tag for each pages.

Tips On META Keyword Tag

<META name="keywords" content="your keywords, go here, separated by a comma">

  1. Keep 100 to 250 characters to get better results.
  2. Start with the most important and then proceed to less important.
  3. Use keywords/Phrases
  4. Do not repeat any word more than 3 times.
  5. Do not place repeated keywords close together.
  6. If your site has content of interest to a specific geographic location be sure to include the actual location in your keyword Meta.
  7. Use keywords that are actually on the page and reflect the essence of your content.
  8. Try to use keywords in your Meta keywords tag with comma, not by space.
  9. Try to use small case in keyword/phrases

    (eg: replace the keyword phrase - "Website Design" with "website design")
  10. Strive for 4%-10% keyword density.

Create Your Meta Tags

1) Create your Meta Tags »

2) Generate Meta Keywords based upon your page contents »

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