Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spider Friendly Navigation Tips


  1. Use keyword/phrase that best describes the target page.
  2. Always use your primary keywords in the link text least one or more on the page.
  3. Try to place your primary keywords at the starting of a link text if possible.
  4. Try to use Title Attribute in the text links.
    eg: <a href="yourpage.html" title="Describe this page.">The link label goes here</a>
  5. Avoid using image maps, if needed make it sure to add text links at the bottom of all pages
  6. Do not use long text; limit 40-50 characters in a link text.
  7. Avoid using JavaScript links
  8. Create text links and use a common navigational menu for all the pages.
  9. Make sure the pages on your site to be linked to one another, especially the home page.
  10. Try to include a Site map if you have more than 30 pages.
  11. Submit an XML site map to Google. (Visit: Google Sitemaps)
  12. Limit the number of links per page to less than 20 for better results.
  13. If your Website using Flash, make it sure to add text links at the bottom of the page as a supplement to the Flash navigation. (Google now takes links from Flash)
  14. Try to use keyword phrases in the HTML and image file names
  15. Keep your file names hyphenated (eg: http://www.shree-gokul-infotech.htm)

Bad practice:

<a href="php001.html">click here</a>
<a href="Rajkotcompanies.html">Company</a>

Good practice:

<a href="new-york-companies.htm">List of companies in New York</a>
<a href="Rajkot-companies.html">Companies in Rajkot </a>


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